Ways to make Money from a Website

There are many different ways that you can make money from a website. Whether you already have an established website or you are thinking of making one, there are ways to make money from it. The three main ways of making money from a website are described below.

Selling goods and services

If you already have an established business then you could sell goods and services directly from your website. This could be a way to generate extra sales outside of the way that you normally get business. It may be the only way that you sell things. You would need to set up a store on your website, which is fairly simple to do these days and you would need a payment processor as well. If you are selling directly, you will need to build up trust so it could be wise to get an SSL certificate so that customers know that you are who you say you are and use a safe payment processor, such as Paypal, which is well trusted. Some customers will prefer to buy through other sites, so you could provide links to these sites so that they can buy through a place that they trust, such as ebay or Amazon perhaps. It would mean that you would have to set up stores on these as well, but it could be worth it if it means that you sell more items.


Some people choose to make money through advertisers on their website. They will put together an informative site on a particular theme and will then try to attract relevant advertisers. More money tends to be available if you can approach advertisers directly and charge them a monthly fee or a one off fee for an advert. These can be tricky to find though and so you may find it easier to put Google ads or similar in place. Then you will be given relevant adverts for your site and then if you visitors click through an advert, whether that is a text link or a banner, you will earn some money. You will usually find that you will have to accumulate considerable earnings before you can cash out. This means that if you do not earn very much from it, it can take a very long time to earn. You also need to be aware that people looking at your site may be using an ad blocker and therefore may not be able to see and therefore unable to click on the adverts on the site. Consider asking them to whitelist you from their ad blocker explaining that you get your income from the adverts and so would appreciate them being visible to everyone.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links earn money in a slightly different way to advertising. You put the link on the website, perhaps in an article or in the side bar and then if someone clicks the link and buys the item advertised, you will earn commission. This can be set up through companies such as Amazon and Tradedoubler. Again, you will need to accumulate a certain amount of earnings in order to cash out, so it could take time to earn enough. You will need to rely on the fact that your customers will be willing to spend money on things and so you will need to think about how to design your site to be attractive to those types of people.

The key thing with any website is to make sure that you can generate the amount of traffic needed to get customers earning money for you. This means that you need to not only have a good website that is appealing to visitors and has interesting and regularly updated content, but people need to be aware of it. Therefore you need to think about how you will make people aware of the site. It could be that you need to advertise it and you may need to pay for this. However, there are places that you can advertise for free, such as on social media and so it could be worth trying this first. Social media is also very popular and therefore can be a really good way to get information out to lots of people. It can be worth learning about how to promote a website before you start so that you have lots of information and understand where the best places are to spend your time and possibly your money.

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